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BaBa ZuLa

Istanbul Psychedelia / Psychedelic energy with Anatolian roots / 21st century Turkish music / Singular creativity / Amazing live shows / Many awards

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The unrivalled masters of 21st century Turkish psychedelic music, BaBa ZuLa go to great lengths to provide their followers with a unique experience both on their live shows and their recordings. By mixing oriental instruments such as the electric saz, darbuka, and spoons with electronics and modern sounds, BaBa ZuLa creates a sound all their own called Istanbul psychedelic.


BaBa ZuLa's music is oriental Istanbul Rock'n Roll that rolls in a futuristic way inspired by the late 60’s. Their shamanic ritual like performances are a mixture of disciplines of art, often featuring dancers, elaborate costumes, poetry, theatre and live drawing, delivering viewers a tantalizing audio-visual feast. BaBa ZuLa share their legacy with us through their music, a music born out of Istanbul in 1996. Baba ZuLa features founding members Levent Akman (spoons, percussions, machines, toys), Murat Ertel (electric saz and other stringed instruments, vocals, oscillators, theremin), as well as darbuka and percussion player Ümit Adakale, Periklis Tsoukalas on electric ud and vocal.


While a ney can represent the past Sufi-Islamic tradition, and a clarinet is the symbol of the music of the Turkish gypsies-an electric saz together with a wooden spoon can serve as musical compass to Turkish musical roots going as far back as pre-Islamic, shamanic times, through Anatolia reaches all the way up to present-day Istanbul. Despite sounds that might initially come to mind when one hears a phrase like “Oriental Dub” Baba ZuLa’s music is in fact Psychedelic Istanbul Rock’n Roll that rolls in a way that westerners haven’t heard so frequently since the late ’60s rock epoch. The unrivalled masters of 21st century Turkish psychedelic music are influenced by the memories of Istanbul passed on to them from generations past. The group, which from the very beginning has shown great interest in featuring guest musicians and players in concerts and albums, has been accompanied by many great musicians.


They got many awards for theirs albums and the music they composed for films and theaters. Indeed, BaBa ZuLa have composed several mood-setting pieces for the silver screen over the years.

“Maybe the people are outside the venue after one track, but they can’t say that we’re not original”—Osman Murat Ertel, BaBa ZuLa in The Guardian


“The members of BaBa Zula claim clearly their origin. The music, the influence, the typicals instruments (saz, ney) of Middle East and this opening to the western world give an original and good mix musical.”—Lord so Frock


“The title track mixes cool, sturdy vocals from Melike Sahin against a blues-rock riff from Ertel on the electric saz, urged on by bass and percussion. Elsewhere, there are chanting songs that edge towards Turkish rap, more traditional-sounding, semi-acoustic songs, and an urgent finale, Direniş Destanı (“The Legend of Resistance”). A rousing, defiant set from the cultural crossroads of Istanbul”—The Guardian


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