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Kolonel Djafaar

Jonge Wolven Podiumprijs / Idols like Fela Kuti & Mulatu Astatke / Afrobeat, ethiojazz, dancable, groovy vibes, dark, sweaty, up-beat, energetic, organic, instrumental,                 psychedelic

About Kolonel Djafaar

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Instrumental Afrobeat band from Antwerp that brings you a mix of danceable percussion beats, attractive copper ensembles and catchy tunes to shake your ass off all night long!


The band Kolonel Djafaar is making an ensemble of tight guitar and  basslines, swinging drum and percussion riffs, irresistible keyboard structures and catchy copper melodies. With influences of Jungle By Night, Budos band, Fela Kuti and  Mulatu Astatke, they are trying to bring their own feeling to the concept: “Afro  beat” & “Ethio jazz”.

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