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Later with Jools Holland / Womex 2012 / 3 months, 33 concerts, 14 countries / The album “Rising Tide” was nominated as best album of the year by The Guardian, Songlines, fRoots and many more

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Zimbabwe’s most celebrated young band Mokoomba is back with a new offering: ‘Luyando’’. Luyando means Love in Tonga, a language that is spoken by the first inhabitants of the Zambezi Valley of Southern Africa. But beyond the word, Luyando goes to the heart of Mokoomba‘s music. Lyrical and beautifully breezy, Luyando is also a spiritual journey into the heart of Zimbabwean society, culture and tradition.

“It is not often as a Promoter I become a fan of a band but with Mokoomba its different as they are the best band I have seen over the last 15 years.”—Paul Duhaney, OYE festival


“Belying their new album’s name, Mokoomba’s success is more than a mere rising tide. it is a rushing current, much like their revered Zambezi river, ready to carry the band to new audiences as well as nurture a worldwide awareness of Zimbabwe’s rich cultural diversity.—Songlines


“And, central to the enterprise, great credit to the outstanding voice of Mathias Muzaza which, avoiding melisma and fuss, consistently dices with death and wins. You may pick up traces of Geoffrey Oryema, Kanda Bongo Man, Baaba Maal, Mahlathini. The sustained intensity this man wrings out of Masangango is practically a spinal experience.”—fRoots


Visit for more information. Gri Gri Music represents Mokoomba in the Benelux.


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