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Orchestre International du Vetex

A real Belgian brassband! / Born as a socio-cultural project grew out to become a brassband with an international reputation / More than 800 concerts in 10 years / Mano Negra among the brassbands

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They started up as a kind of temporary marching brassband that wanted to save an abandoned old textile factory in the Flemish town of Kortrijk. But since their start in 2004, they became one of the finest and hottest worldmusic acts from Belgium and France.


From an acoustic brassband playing weddings and funerals, they became a well known and respected brilliant and energetic live act. From blockparty’s in Wazemmes, Jemappes, Béziers or Stasegem, to big festivals like Couleur Café, La Fête de l’Huma, Dranouter or Esperanzah. From the squares in Sarajevo to the metro in Prague. From the Olymplic Wintergames in Torino, or Mons 2015 to prestigious jazz-and theaterfestivals in Graz, Krakow, Nis, Santander or Montreal… From honeymoons to funerals, from street-theatre to rock-festivals. Vetex does it all.

Want to hear more? Listen to Cumbia.


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