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Puerto Candelaria

Womex 2016 / Fusion from Colombia

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Puerto Candelaria is an innovative and daring Colombian jazz group that emerged in 2000 at the initiative of the young pianist and teacher of composition at the University Eafit, Juan Diego "Juancho" Valencia.


From the beginning the group has been marked by his curious proposal that mixes jazz with urban folklore: guasca, porro, vallenato and Chucuyo Chucuyo-among other rhythms. Merger is the result of the study of expressions of indigenous Andean Colombian mestizo rhythms and sounds of the coast of Afro-Antillean culture of our country.


Puerto Candelaria de Medellín has consolidated in recent years as the most important jazz ensemble in the country. Their sound has been exploring other structures, unconventional, which served as a foundation for other groups in Colombia dare to innovate.

“The Colombian band Puerto Candelaria, from Medellín, poured on the party act more thickly. Its foundation is the Colombian cumbia, which it applied to both its own tunes — speedy chromatic zigzags — and to gimmicky imports like MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’.New York Times


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