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Samba Touré

Samba has toured with the legendary Ali Farka Touré / New album 'WANDE' out on Glitterbeat / Mali blues

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Samba Touré's distinctive style is widely regarded both at home and abroad as both reflecting and enhancing the enduring legacy of the legendary Ali Farka Touré. However, it's already 15 years since the Malian artist found his own voice, and in that time he has become a star in his homeland. Touré is accountable for several successful albums such as Crocodile Blues in 2011 and Albala in 2013, of which the latter was acclaimed worldwide as one of the best African releases of the year. In early 2015 he released Gandadiko, that immediately reached the top of international world music charts. In 2018 he has pleased us with another release, Wande, a collection of songs where warmth fills the grooves of every song. An album that feels like home.


For anyone who has enjoyed great guitar records coming out of Mali in recent years, Samba Touré's contemporary music is essential listening.

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