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Tawasheq desert blues / For fans of Tinariwen, Bombino / Younger brothers of Tinariwen / Most heavy rocking Touareg band so far / Toured all over the world / Awarded for their latest album ‘Kidal’

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Tamikrest in tamasheq language means junction, connection, knot, coalition. The group members come from different horizons (Mali, Niger, Algeria and France). Wanting to assume fully their Touareg identity, they found in the rebel music Ishumar the means to express it.


“A desert hosts us, a language unites us, a culture binds us.”


The story begins at Kidal, capital of the eighth Region of Mali, while making tea of course. Pino, Cheikh and Mossa had just finished a guitar workshop with Juhan Ecaré (guitarist for Meiway) when they decided to form a group with only two old ‘home made’ guitars. And they got to work…


“Even though we are young, guitars still have six cords!”


After one year and a half of hard work, the group is complete and their repertory has grown to contain more than twenty-five original compositions. Though their music takes root in Ishumar Rock or Tuareg Blues, it borrows from various international influences as well as from neighbouring cultures.


Through the message of their songs, Tamikrest want to make Tamasheq poetry and culture accessible to inhabitants of a world larger than the immensity of the Saharian desert.

“The guitarists lock into mesmeric grooves, with lead lines curling round plaintive vocals … Tamikrest play a smouldering desert blues full of passion that articulates anger at the treatment of their nomadic people … They have found a style that works and are gently refining it.”—The Times online (****)


“Blazing with a righteous intensity born of the struggle of a people whose nomadic life is under constant threat, Kidal sounds like a high tide. The massed guitars of “Mawarniha Tartit” twist and twine with a potency seldom heard in much contemporary Western rock music, while “Wainan Adobat” is the kind of spaced-out jam Grateful Dead fans dream about.”—Uncut (8/10)


“Tinariwen’s kid brothers they may be, but Tamikrest always seemed a far better rock’n’roll proposition, an impression boosted by their fourth studio album … Key tracks are the slow blues of Atwitas, a tune so alive with deep spacey guitars you can imagine David Gilmour wondering which Floyd album it was on, and the Segovia-flavoured Tanakra, which wouldn’t sound out of place on Forever Changes.”—Mojo (****)


“The heaviest desert rock-out yet … Tamikrest’s music blazes with a righteous intensity that is almost scary.”—Songlines (Top Of The World, *****)


“Ousmane Ag Mossa and Paul Salvagnac’s twin lead guitars sound very much like Peter Green and Danny Kirwan around 1970, with their bell-like tones and meditative qualities, whilst the acoustic playing on the song Tanakra could easily be Nick Drake playing on Pink Moon … Tamikrest have a curious ability to groove and chill at the same time with singing, guitar and djembe – which are ever so slightly behind the beat – drawing you into the intimacy of their performance.”—fRoots


“Whether straddling a wildly galloping groove ("War Toyed", "War Tila Eridaran") or engaging in minimalist meditation ("Tanakra"), there's an intensity and irresistible energy to the proceedings … There's a compelling sense of an expanding sonic arsenal to Kidal, too. The biting slide guitar - with echoes of vintage Pink Floyd transplanted to sun-scorched surroundings, perhaps - on the atmospheric "Atwitas" proves how subtle tweaks and well-judged added ingredients can invigorate and renew time-worn formulas … Kidal is first and foremost a kick-ass, spirited rock 'n' roll album that demands to be heard far beyond any 'World Music' specialist interest

circles.”—The Line Of Best Fit (8.5/10)


“The feisty younger cousins of Tinariwen pay tribute to the Malian town of Kidal, briefly the capital of Azawad after the Touareg rebellion of 2012, until it fell first to Al-Qaeda and then to French troops … “Wainan Adobat” sets high flickers of guitar against fuzzed lower riffs. The acoustic “Tanakra” is anguished caravanserai pastoral; “War Tila Eridaran” flames into a fiery guitar workout; “Adoutat Salilagh” bounces funkily.”—Financial Times (****)


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